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This week  Stacie of MakeUp Obsessed Mom is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is one of Oprah’s favorite beauty bloggers and I think she will be your favorite too.  Stacie covers a wide range of beauty issues including skin care, better hair and nutritional supplements.  Her fun to read site is packed with information you will use in your daily lives.


Fashion Flash Book Review: What Do You Say When by Florence Isaacs

After more than a year of social distancing, I found myself at a loss for words at a recent outdoor event. The next day, almost like karma, I spotted this small book at a thrift store.  “What  Do I say When” provides genuinely useful strategies for talking comfortably in a wide range of situations– from parties to conventions, the book offers  easy to follow tips.

I find the first moments  of a conversion the hardest and loved the critical path  of openers including ” what brings you here” and  “tell me about your ( company, job, home, baby).  Follow-up questions  should be open ended  eg “what are you focusing on now?” The ten rules of conversation are especially helpful  which include  building a compliment library eg what a beautiful tie, what a great idea or I admire your style.

This small  but mighty book drills down into specific situations like charity events, gallery openings school reunions, and bridal showers. I love to  get dressed up for events but as the date approaches, I develop social anxiety.  What Do You Say When  has made me excited and eager to try out my new social skills.


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