100 Billion In a Bottle of Liquid?

Products for gut microbiome health remain hot in the market. According to data from NBJ, GI health supplement 2021 U.S. sales are forecasted to top $3.38 billion – and, today’s consumers are migrating about from pills, looking for diverse formats for ingesting probiotics.

Roughly equal to the total probiotic count in ten bottles of common lactic acid bacteria drinks, this new patent processed probiotic delivery technology from TCI Japan is the first in the industry to develop, through high-efficiency fermentation technology, a means to meet market demand for innovative delivery formats for efficacious probiotics. The production technology ensures high counts of live bacteria can be maintained in the shots, so that  consumers can truly enjoy the benefits of high-potency, quick-acting, and long-acting probiotics – in a shelf-stable, easy-to-consume beverage!

Brands seeking to stay ahead of the innovation curve need to partner with cutting-edge, research-backed co-manufacturers. TCI Japan takes the lead in the health and natural food industry in Asia and is poised now to support the NA market with U.S.-based manufacturing and production.

Don’t miss this presentation to learn about this epoch game-changing technology and the newest way your brand can deliver the benefits of probiotics in a format that appeals to today’s on-the-go consumer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How this fermentation technology delivers high-potency bacterial counts 
  • The probiotic strain, the medium for production, and why it is shelf-stable
  • Why formulating within shots meets the demands of modern consumers
  • What makes this patented delivery technology different from others presently on the market
  • Boost digital ad effectiveness with sampling CTA’s

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Fran Schoenwetter

Content Marketing Director, New Hope Network

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Richard McWatt

Regional Director – UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, TCI

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