RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

The internet is abuzz with “miracle” anti-aging products.  It seems like new ones come out every day, and believe me, it’s hard to keep up.

A reader recently asked us what we knew about a new one she’d heard about.  It’s called RVTL Anti-Aging.  Truthfully, We hadn’t heard about it, so we told her we’d give it a look.

RVTL Anti-Aging says that it “powerfully and effectively reduces wrinkles for good.”  And there are tons of additional benefits promised as well.

After using RVTL Anti-Aging, you’ll find yourself with:

  • Reduced under eye puffiness and dark circles.
  • Minimized dark spots and discolorations.
  • Soft, supple, well-hydrated skin.
  • Healthy, young-looking skin.

These, of course, are fabulous promises, but what we’re really concerned with is what RVTL Anti-Aging can actually deliver.  So we look beyond the promises to ingredients and customer reaction.

RVTL Anti-Aging Ingredients and How They Work

Unfortunately, the RVTL Anti-Aging website does not offer a complete ingredient list.  They do, however, mention a few of the highlights:

  • Extract from the Terminalia Chebula fruit which helps support and protect the moisture balance of the skin.  It performs triple duty by detoxifying, nourishing, and strengthening.
  • Collagen and Elastin to help repair and maintain the support structure of the skin.
  • Vitamin A which encourages skin cell regeneration for fresh new skin all the time.

The instructions are simple.  You can use RVTL Anti-Aging as an eye cream as well as a face cream, as it addresses puffiness and dark circles as well as wrinkles.  Just apply it after cleansing and allow a few minutes for it to absorb before apply any additional products.

RVTL Anti-Aging Reviews

Here’s where we run into a little trouble.  The only real customer reaction we could find came in the form of complaint about how RVTL Anti-Aging is a scam.  You see, this product is only sold using that deceptive “trial offer” we see so often.

They offer you a trial bottle for which you pay only a small shipping charge.  Only in the fine print do they let you know that by accepting the offer, you’re agreeing to join their monthly program where you’ll be sent a new jar of product each month for the charge of $99.95, and you’ll even be charged for that initial trial bottle.

Lots of customers have complained that they didn’t understand the terms when signing up, and that they’ve had trouble canceling their membership once they do realize what’s going on.

RVTL Anti-Aging Pros and Cons

Advantages of RVTL Anti-Aging

Disadvantages of RVTL Anti-Aging

  • The ingredient list is not revealed.
  • It’s expensive.
  • There are no favorable RVTL Anti-Aging reviews other than website testimonials which we don’t tend to give much credence to.
  • The only way to purchase it is through the deceptive trial offer.


We can’t find one single reason to recommend that you try RVTL Anti-Aging.  There are good skincare products available, and some are even sold over the internet.  But RVTL Anti-Aging just isn’t one of them.  Don’t trust a product when they won’t even tell you what it’s made of.

I also encourage you to read my latest article Beware of Free Trials for Anti Aging Products – an Investigative Report

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The product did work

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

I purchased this product through the same means as the others- trial order. I was also charged a substantial amount of money and had to call several times to get only a portion of my money returned and with that I had to threaten them with fraudulent charges through my bank. With each phone call – they seemed avoid the fact of the non permitted extreme charges and focused on asking “did the product work?”
I must say “yes” the products did work!! However with the prices and the fraudulent manipulation, is rather have a face lift!!!! The product I will give five stars but paired with the fraudulent misconduct they get only “1”. I’m sorry that you all experienced this however I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone.


RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Feb 09, 2017 by 

Lorrain Byrne

Just now trading standards have collected the cream and serum from me along with all my paperwork cancelling the subscription. Still they took £196.00 from my account. I contacted my bank and asked for a charge back saying the company had taken money from my account without my permission, I got an immediate refund. The cream and serum is now going to be tested as if you scroll right down to the bottom of their web page they declare that the cream had not been tested by the FDA so god knows what is in this cream. I did have an allergic reaction to this cream which is why trading standards are very interested. They are well aware of all the comments about this being a scam on the website and are taking this very very seriously, so if you have any cream left get in contact with your local trading standards office and as much paperwork as you can and if possible the original package the cream came in. What they are doing is wrong.

How can they get away with this crime!

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Had exactly the same issue. But I received 2 jars of cream in one week last week, a call to ask what they were as I had not ordered anything and was told I subsribed in November! I confirmed I had not and as I had just received the items I would return for a full refund. I was advised the jars received were my dec and jan order and as I had not reported not received them on time i could not get my money back! A asked how I could report not receiving something a was not expecting to receive and they said sorry that was there policy! I said regardless of that policy I had received but had not ordered and that there paper work stated I could have a full refund with in 10 days of receiving with no questions asked ( the paper work even shows the items were shipped less than 10 days ago) they said this did not count as the orders should have been sent out earlier ( which clearly made no sense!) when I spoke to a managed after screamed at the first person they then went on to confirm they had now taken 3 payment one of £93 and two of £99 and they would not refund! This must be a crime! I will continue to try and get my money back!


RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Jan 25, 2017 by 

karen skern

This star is only here because I couldn’t submit a review without it. I signed up for a “free trial” (nowhere does it say this is a subscription) after seeing the cream apparently being endorsed by Victoria Beckham on Flipboard and thought I would give it a try, what a CON. I paid 3 charges totaling just under £10 and then to my horror checked my credit card account and saw 2 charges of £93 and £99!!! I called the company and after a lot of flannel I told them I wanted whatever subscription they thought I had to be cancelled and a full refund made. Was told they could offer me 40% there and then… To cut a long story short I told them they took money without my permission and this is fraud. I did get a refund for the £99 but only 70% for the £93 charge (which I took just to put and end to this stressful situation). I have read on the internet other stories from people being scammed going back years. Absolutely disgraceful that this is still going on. I am going to report them to Trading Standards (as I have an address in London) and will even attempt to go to the consumer affairs programme Watchdog as this should not be allowed to continue as they are getting money for nothing which basically is extortion and should be highlighted to stop other women being duped.

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Dec 22, 2016 by 

Bonita Awan

I tried this product and liked it but was shocked at the price of £99.93p !
I only found out the price when it appeared on my bank statement.
I phoned the company as I still had the advert on my phone. When I phoned to cancel they said as I like the product they can sell it to me at a monthly price of $49
which I thought was just about affordable
so agreed to continue receiving it at this new price but to my shock another £99.93p has just been deducted from my account. My bank has agreed to stop further payments but said as this has already been deducted I cannot stop this one! I am so angry that they lied to me! If they said they will now refund me the extra money I will not believe them.

Scam scam scam

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

I fell for this scam …. it says free trial offer ,you pay postage ,but before you complete offer they offer another product … letting yoy think they will send thus as well , with in the postage already agreed … NO yoy pay another £4.34 . I recieved one product but not the other when I rang customer services , they then toldf me abt the charge of £99 … I cancelled straight away and sent the product back… costing another £4.45 . Please please be aware of this scam …

They got me

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

This company doesn’t deserve a one star rating.
Like everyone else, they completely got me. This company has taken £200 out of my bank account and left my bank account in minus. I feel angry, upset and disappointed that I fell for this but also how on earth is this acceptable? £200 for a pot of cream, I’m speechless……and skint.
Ladies beware and go to the shop for your cream!! Robbing Bastards.

rvtl cream

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Oct 12, 2016 by 

Valerie Grebezs

Total rubbish, total scam! do not buy it. Got 2 bills for £90 each. Not paying, changed all my bank detail and they will not get anything from me. not really one star, needs to be a zero in there


RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Apr 23, 2016 by 

B Breitenbach

I won’t even give this product a one star 1/2 is to good for this company. Rejuvolite

This product sucks. I got this product last week Thursday 14 Apr 2016 on a 14 day FREE TRIAL, paid for the S&H, I got to try the product for 9 days and nothing. It at best is just another cream you can go to Walmart and buy for 500 X less. Then today 23 Apr 2016 I had 2 charges on my bank account one 89.92 and 84.95, BEWARE the free trail is not a free trial they say it is a 14 day free trail on the product. How can it be a free 14 day trial but get to only try for 8 days and then get charged full price. Oh no they start the 14 day trial the day you ordered so you get roped into paying full price of 174.87 and really don’t get to try it. I talked to an agent named Brittany agent # 300 and she was defending the product and the company telling me now that I want to send it back and get a refund I have to pay a restock fee (ON A USED PRODUCT) of 15%. RIPOFF don’t waist your hard earned money.

Do you want to give your money away for free?

RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

This is legalised fraud with breach of contract.
There are four companies – so far! (No doubt new aliases will follow).
smartserumxtra, pureskin, ultradermaserum and silky-skin-serum.
You buy a risk free trial and inadvertently sign up to a conglomerate of companies all of which will debit your bank account even if you cancel within the 14 day cancellation period.
You will only receive the trial product – which under the terms you can return for a refund – but you will not get one!
Your account will be debited by around £300.00 and you will not receive any product for the charge.
The banks will not support you.
Trading Standards will not help as the company is based in Cyprus and therefore not a part of the EU.
Also – just to rub salt into the wound – it doesn’t work according to the girls I bought it for!!!

1.1 5.0 12 12 I purchased this product through the same means as the others- trial order. I was also charged a substantial amount of money and had to call several times to get only a portion of RVTL Anti-Aging Review – Is RVTL Anti-Aging a Scam?

Q: RvtL customer service telephone#todd

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Q: i have got some rvtl anti aging cream abd I was wondering how to use it.is it once in the morning and once when I go to bed or something different.many thanks mrs janet martinjanet

A: Janet, most anti aging creams you’ll want to use twice a day after cleansing, once in the morning and once before bed. Let me know how you like this cream. This scam has been circulating for quite some time. Be advised they’re going to bill you the full price on the 14th day when the free trial is over, and  bill you about $90, then send it to you every 30 days and it’s hard to cancel. Rachel

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Q: Does rvtl have anything to do with the other large face cream company Olay? As one of their adverts says that Olay have sued them and won the case and it states that the cream is an okay cream, then proceeds to offer the free trial offers with only paying postage and packing etc, but from then in has no mention of Olay at all. Is this a further extension of their scam or does Olay really own this product now?Susie

A: Susie, this is a scam, don’t buy into that. I am always amazed at the stuff they come up with. Olay doesn’t have anything to do with RVTL. Rachel

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Q: I want my money refunded back as of todayWendy

A: Wendy, please read: Skin Care Free Trials – Cancellation Phone Numbers. I am not the one charging you and you didn’t buy this cream from me. If you read the post you left this comment on, you would see that it was a big fat warning against buying RVTL. Thanks, Rachel

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Q: This is a SCAM company . Is their return address Genuine ?R Jade

A: R Jade, I’m not sure of the address but RVTL’s phone number is (877)880-7726. You could give them a call and ask what their return address is. Or, assuming you have their product and want to ship it back, you could demand a refund, and threaten to report them to the BBB, your state’s attorney general’s office and the FTC if they don’t cooperate. Tell them you’re not spending your money to return their scam product. Play hardball with them and see how it goes. Good luck! Rachel

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