Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Scam?

“Simply Beautiful Skin” is the promise, but is Regenere Facelift Complex really a cream that can dramatically reduce wrinkles with proven results?

I decided to write a review about Regenere after an upset customer emailed me, and the story is all too familiar.

She was charged $84.95 after 12 days (what I consider a “short-term free trial”) for what she thought was a free trial of Regenere and could not find a phone number to call them to dispute the charges. Unfortunately I get emails every day just like this from people looking for help.

So let’s take a closer look at Regenere Facelift Complex to see what their product promises, and if they have the clinical trials to back up the ingredients, something that’s very important when shopping for a wrinkle cream or other anti-aging product.

We will also talk about Regenere’s billing arrangement to determine whether this is yet another free trial wrinkle cream scam or a legit wrinkle cream that will actually make a difference in your skin.

Regenere Facelift Complex – What Do They Promise?Regenere Review

Regenere promises “advanced wrinkle reduction for dramatic clinically proven results.”  It also promises the following benefits without expensive surgery:

  • “Deminishes wrinkles” (yes that’s a typo, more on that later)
  • Dramatic skin repair
  • Smoothens skin
  • Counters the aging effect of stress
  • Look up to 10 years younger
  • Make wrinkles disappear
  • Amazing new Hollywood secret
  • Better than botox
  • In a recent study of their skin care “incregients” (another of many typos) found in their advanced formula, after 8 weeks there was an 84% decrease of fine lines, 95% increase of collagen production, and 73% decrease of dark circles.

At this point in my research of Regenere, there are already a few glaring red flags that there’s something fishy about their website and their claims.  For me they are easy to spot, but for the average consumer, they are often overlooked.

Red Flag #1:  Are there really clinical trials?

Usually a reputable anti-aging treatment or cream sales page will talk about their clinical trials when it comes to their ingredients. They are proud of the fact that they use quality ingredients that have been clinically proven to bring results, and they back up those claims with links to the actual clinical trials.

For Example, take a look at Kollagen Intensiv’s sales page.  This is one of my top recommended creams, so it’s a good example.

You’ll need to scroll about 2/3 down the page to the part where it says “Clinically Proven” and scroll down a little further to where it says:

“In a clinical study, volunteers who applied SYN®-COLL twice daily for 84 days reported a 354% improvement* in the overall appearance of their wrinkles (when compared to the placebo)…”

Now, if you click on the link that’s highlighted, it takes you to a pdf document of the ACTUAL clinical trial’s research on that specific ingredient. These are the types of facts you need to look for when shopping.

Throughout Regenere’s page, it references their “clinically proven results” but there is absolutely nothing to back it up, no links, and no ingredients listed.

They also state their ingredients are not revealed so as to “thwart” a replication. Really? I don’t know about you, but I won’t buy a cream that doesn’t list its ingredients.

Red Flag #2:  Why the fuss over grammar?Regenere wrinkle cream

There are countless grammatical errors on the sales page, and this is usually a sign that the cream does not originate from the U.S. If you’ve read my Investigative Report on wrinkle cream scams, this can be a problem.

Now I’m not just being persnickety about an honest grammar mistake. I investigate these wrinkle cream scams daily, and it’s a theme that’s common with many of them.  Why should you be concerned?

Many of these creams originate from South American countries so there is no recourse (no extradition policy) for an American consumer to get their money back if they’re not happy, and a lot of times they will list bad or non existent phone numbers.

And guess what? Once the public catches on that this is a short-term wrinkle cream scam, they usually change the product’s name, the packaging, and start a whole new campaign.

Red Flag #3:  What are the hidden terms & conditions?

There is not a free trial on the planet that does not charge you the full price of the product once the trial period is up, and Regenere is one of them. This is why I don’t like short-term free trial products. There’s not enough time to receive the product and try it long enough to decide if you like it.

You need to look at the terms and conditions to see what’s really up with the free trial, and here’s how I do it. I put a fake name, address, phone number and email address on the first sales page, so that it takes me to the billing page, and here is where you will find the terms and conditions. At this point you’re not required to enter your credit card number.

Most of the time it’s really hard to find the terms and conditions and you have to scroll down the page to look for the tiny, microscopic link. When I did this on the Regenere page, it did the old “bait and switch” and took me to a completely different cream’s purchasing page, which is another red flag.

I thought I was signing up for Regenere, but when I looked closely it changed to “Dermajuve” in the fine print. What a tangled web of deceit! All these scams work the same though.

On the 14th day, you will be billed the full purchase price of $84.95 and they will automatically send you new product every 30 days and charge you that same amount.

The problem is, most people have NO IDEA they are actually signing up for an auto-ship, auto-billing arrangement, and they find themselves stuck in a position where it’s hard to cancel, and impossible to get their money back.

Red Flag #4:  What else did I find worrisome?

A couple of things jumped out at me as I was reading their terms and conditions that I felt were noteworthy, and a bit strange and unsettling:

  • Avoid if you have allergies
  • Use as recommended by your Doctor to avoid mishappenings
  • Not recommended for women under 30
  • Must be 18 to use Regenere

What sort of “mishappenings” are they worried may occur? And why wouldn’t women in their 20’s be able to use this cream? These make no sense, but they are certainly trying to cover their butts in case you break out in a rash or worse.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If it’s not obvious by now, I would strongly recommend against agreeing to Regenere Facelift Complex’s free trial. It has all the signs of a  wrinkle cream scam with multiple red flags to prove it.

Regenere claims their product is clinically proven but they do not provide any links to the clinical trials, nor do they post the ingredients. They simply state it’s their “advanced formula.” I said this before and I’ll say it again – I would never purchase a cream that did not list its ingredients.

There are multiple grammatical errors on the Regenere sales page which usually indicates it originates from a foreign country, which equates to a huge headache later if you want to return the product.

Regenere only allows you 14 days to decide whether or not you like the cream which is not enough time to receive it, much less try it for any length of time.

Does Regenere Sell “Regenes Lift Cream”?Regenes Lift Cream Scam

We believe that the same company that offers Regenere Facelift Complex may also sell “Regenes Lift Cream” as it’s a similar name and its sales pages and offers are identical. Be careful of Regenes Lift Cream as well, and always read the terms and conditions!

How to Cancel Regenere’s Trial

If you have agreed to Regenere’s free trial and wish to cancel your auto-ship, auto-bill arrangement, you need to call the company and request to cancel your free trial right away.

I did some sleuthing (again in the terms and conditions) and I found a couple of phone numbers for Regenere. You can also ask them if they will issue a refund if you send the unused portion back.

If they allow this, they will normally charge you a “restocking fee” of about $35, but at least you’ll get some of your money back.

If they refuse to cancel, or if you cannot reach them, then I would recommend disputing the charges with your bank. You may even need to cancel the credit card altogether in a worst case scenario.

The phone number I found for Regenere are as follows:

  • 844-821-5727
  • 877-240-9369


Don’t accept free trials of this nature, it’s always better to buy a cream outright that has a money back guarantee.

My top cream Kollagen Intensiv is very effective, I’ve used it for over 4 years with great results! It’s worth a look.

Have you used Regenere? Leave your questions or comments below!

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Total Scam

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

This company like everyone else states is a scam. REGEN-A Ageless Moisturizer. You sign up for a free sample and then 15 days later they charge you $89.97. I never even opened the bottle. There must have been fine print that was too small to read somewhere. When trying to cancel they try to lower the month cost to $20 to keep getting it, but they refuse to refund the $89.97. Why aren’t these people shut down?

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Regenere did nothing for me and I received a bill for my samples with in 5 days of receipt.
Samples were to be free. I am returning the product. This is a scam


Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

May 24, 2018 by 

Eula Jane Dykes

I requested a FREE bottle of anti-aging cream and seen $89.92 was charged to my account. I called and they said it’s under terms and conditions in the fine print. ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF DO NOT PURCHASE. THIS IS A BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM.

Obvious Scam

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Mar 08, 2018 by 


I realized this offer was an obvious scam, when I’d followed an advert that featured the Sharks allegedly endorsing the product. Luckilly, another web page making the same celebrity “exclusivity” claim, had opened by accident, while I was placing my $4.95 order. Immediately I refreshed the web page and then scrolled down further to read (as you stated) the microprint disclaimer about the $85 charge.


Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Jan 10, 2018 by 

Jay Kydd

Total scam bought for girlfriend and then 14 days later the trap gets laid the monthly charges start, bounced 2 items i bought because didn’t know 84 bucks was deducted every 30 days

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Jan 10, 2018 by 

Fleur Yeganeh

Regenere Skin Cream is a Scam!
I also ordered a sample , as soon as they charged my CC my Bank contacted me. It was charged 2.00 am, that shows it was not from this country. I called the bank and the company to stop I could not.I had to cancel my Credit card.
My question is how should one take legal action? They should be stopped.

Regenere Skin Cream

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Dec 14, 2017 by 

Sheri Brinkman

Be careful of hidden charges with “free trials, just pay shipping”. I ordered a free sample and authorized a $4.99 shipping charge. They charged my Visa 2 charges totaling $150 +. I cancelled my card and called Regenere and canceled a subscription that I never authorized. Very hard to talk to their customer Service. They finally refunded half the amount after 20 minutes of me threatening them with a bad review. The product is no different than using over the counter products that are far cheaper.


Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Nov 08, 2017 by 

Valera Bussell

Be careful of hidden charges with “free trials, just pay shipping”. Approximately 1 week after receiving the 2 free trial products, my charge card was charged $84.95 and $89.95. I called to report that I had just received the products, was allergic to them and didn’t want to pay huge amounts for products with identical labels and which I couldn’t use due to allergic reactions. Their response was pretty much “too bad” and the person was rude about it. There was no mention of future charges outside of the “shipping charges” on their website, so when the representative from my credit card company also viewed their website and was able to confirm that terms were not on there, they were able to finally secure a promise for refunds of the two large amounts. So far, I have received an email acknowledging a refund for one of them. BUYER BEWARE!


Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

The cream is not even very good, I have used lots of better ones, and the guy I talked to barely spoke English and basically told me I was out of luck. I called my bank and had them dispute the charges and put a note in my account to not accept any other charges from them. If this doesn’t work I will cancel my card and get another one.

Clinically proven

Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

This company is a TOTAL SCAM. Offered 75% refund then took it back. CC co was able to get the refund.

1.2 5.0 44 44 This company like everyone else states is a scam. REGEN-A Ageless Moisturizer. You sign up for a free sample and then 15 days later they charge you $89.97. I never even opened t Regenere Facelift Complex Review – Clinically Proven or Scam?

Q: Couls u please supply me with Regenere’s phone # if possible. I am having a museable side effect! Thank youBarbara

A: Regenere’s phone is: 877-240-9369. You’re the third women this week who’s emailed me saying they’ve had a bad reaction. One lady had burning and redness, and the others had rashes. Awful! Who knows what’s in these creams because they don’t post their ingredients.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Q: Y can I not get u on the number u provide some ose is interested in your product but want to talk to you over the phoneDIANE

A: Diane, do you mean you’re trying to call Regenere using the numbers I provided in my review? I am NOT Regenere – that is a scam company.

The phone numbers I found for Regenere are as follows, if these are no longer working numbers, you should contact your bank to block future charges from this awful company.

  • 866-567-1298
  • 877-240-9369

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Q: What phone number are you getting thru too? All the phone numbers are busy no matter what time you call. I have been calling for four days straight!!Barbara

A: Sorry Barbara, this is exactly what the lady said yesterday. You may not want to waste time and visit your bank asap and explain the situation and have them file a fraud dispute.

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Q: Where can you purchase this product? Price? do not want to lock into an amount that they take out of my credit card acct. Just want to pay as I go.Julie

A: you can’t buy it outright, it’s only as a free trial “scam,” I would avoid…

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Q: Please do not charge my account another penny & also return the amount you charged meJudy

A: Judy, I’m not the one charging you, I write to warn people of these scams. Please take a look at my Skin Care Free Trials Phone Numbers for Cancellation list and call the cream company and cancel. Or file a fraud dispute with your bank if you want to try and get any money back. These companies don’t accommodate normally. Good luck, Rachel

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