Supplement industry news and updates – July 2022

The last 2 years have changed how consumers shop for supplements and what they’re looking for. In this on-demand webinar from SPINS, you’ll get a close-up look at top supplement trends and upcoming ones to keep your eye on.

The Supreme Court recently hampered regulators’ role in fighting climate change. The natural products industry has been a leader on environmental issues, but consumer research suggests the task is challenging. Learn more here.

Around the world, supplement sales continued to grow in 2021. Although growth rates slowed from 2020’s record high, they exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Read more in this article. Also, find more in-depth business analysis like this in Nutrition Business Journal.

Creating more inclusive, diverse partnerships requires growers and brands to share more knowledge. See how these two businesses embraced an opportunity in this article.

From economic pressures to regulatory machinations and a 20-year mega-trend, supplements businesses have a raft of challenges ahead. To the savvy winners go the spoils. Read more here.


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