Inside Organic Summit | New Hope Network

With organic surpassing $63 billion in sales, the organic industry continues its path of year-over-year growth. Still, consumer confusion around the meaning of organic can be a barrier to further expansion. The Inside Organic Summit explores the organic communication strategies that are working, the messages from across the supply chain that could be further elevated, and where new messaging opportunities lie.

In this event, industry leaders and partners from NielsenIQ, SPINS, Whole Foods Market, Thrive Market and Organic Trade Association dive into where organic fits in today’s market trends, the organic connection to sustainability and JEDI initiatives, and how to message organic at retail. Industry soil health professor Erin Silva discusses the role soil, stewardship and science play in the organic message while Funders for Regenerative Agriculture Executive Director Jennifer O’Connor tackles the relationship between organic and regenerative agriculture. Finally, Organic Voices offers a sneak peek into their next consumer-facing campaign.

Watch the 2022 Inside Organic Summit. For a summary of key points, click here


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