Supplement industry news and updates – September 2022

While Natural Products Insider revealed the identity of the experts who confirmed the leaf as white mulberry, the link between the botanical and the December 2021 death of Lori McClintock has industry experts scratching their heads. One called the coroner’s report “bizarre.” Learn more here.

Sales shot up by 18.5% in 2021, far better growth than the adult market, which grew by 7.5% according to the 2022 Nutrition Business Journal’s Condition Specific Report. Hear from Childlife Essentials’ developer, Dr. Murray Clarke, about why children’s health is a critical wellness category. Plus find out which formats and ingredients are trending, along with forecasts and the SPINS sales stats here.

“Steroids cases—whether they involve SARMs or anabolic steroids—are every bit as prevalent today as they were five years ago,” wrote an assistant U.S. attorney who has recently prosecuted several cases in Virginia regarding the sale of illegal products marketed as “dietary supplements” that contain selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). Read more here.

In spring 2021, the mega-platform removed supplements that included N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) after the FDA asserted the ingredient could not be marketed as a dietary supplement since it was first approved as a drug. Learn how things have changed and why the president of the Natural Products Association called the return of NAC sales to Amazon “very significant.” Read more here.

$2.5 billion. That’s how much 2021 supplement sales growth added to total sales in one year. While growth was half as big as 2020’s record 14.5% rate, the progression still paints an incredible picture of the industry’s future. Get the numbers, learn what segments lead the way and see the forecast in Nutrition Business Journal’s Supplement Business Report 2022. Read more here.

They take longer to jump on trends. They define general wellness differently than younger consumers. And their numbers are growing faster than the general population. Learn what new research shows about over-60 supplement consumers—and how to market to them. Read more here.

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