The Analyst’s Take: Consumers lack knowledge of their own gut health

When asked about their awareness and knowledge of personal gut and digestive health, NBJ found that only 25% of consumers consider themselves knowledgeable. Another 20% responded they are sometimes actively aware and knowledgeable, typically when they are dealing with a specific issue or problem.

Although less than half of consumers are knowledgeable on some level, more are motivated to optimize and understand the topic. When asked, “Are you currently and actively trying to optimize your gut/digestive health?” 51% of consumers affirmed that they are.


It’s no surprise that consumers increasingly use microbiome-supporting supplements to address gastrointestinal distress. However, the long tail and breadth of conditions following gastrointestinal discomfort indicate a lot of opportunity. Immune support also rises to the top, but other conditions include sleep support, brain health, heart health and skin health.

While market growth has slowed from the boom largely created by probiotics a decade ago, research indicates a more sophisticated consumer and marketplace when it comes to the microbiome and gut health products.

For more data and insights on the microbiome market, check out NBJ’s Microbiome Special Report, available here.

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